About INZU Lodge

« INZU Lodge opened in March, 2012. This dream took place several years ago when I watched the TV Show Partir Autrement with Bruno Blanchette. My wish was to open a hotel which would be involved in the community and where the visitors could
also contribute to its well-being.  INZU Lodge team and I,
wish you a pleasant stay among us »

Marie-Noëlle DeVito

INZU Lodge mission is to provide ecological accommodations and a unique tourism experience while respecting Rwanda’s traditions and which will also benefit the local community.

To achieve this mission, three areas will be addressed:

  • Lodging
  • Social
  • Tourism


  • Lodging in Safari Tents;
  • Use of local construction materials;
  • Use of solar energy (soon);
  • Water recovery system;
  • Composting toilet;
  • Showers with water saving systems;
  • Low consumption lighting;
  • Towel changed only upon request;


  • Encourage visitors to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced by their travel;
  • Local buying from farmers and breeders;
  • Waste management and composting;
  • Hand craft sales from locals organisations;
  • Local INZU Lodge staff;
  • Vegetable garden (Fruit and vegetable exchange with the community);


  • Hiking;
  • Bicycle;
  • Social exchange within the community;



Owner, Marie-Noelle, has travelled the world, staying in some of the best (and worst) accommodation along the way. She learned a lot on her adventures and in 2012, Marie-Noëlle opened the INZU Lodge in Rwanda with one goal: « I want to give tourists the opportunity to live a unique experience in order to discover this beautiful country ».

Following a Québec sans frontières internship in Rwanda the summer of 2010 (in partnership with L’AMIE), Marie-Noëlle has decided to return to open an ecolodge. It was during this stay that she fell in love with the “thousands hills” country and its inhabitants.  The INZU Lodge is providing ecological accommodations and a unique tourism experience while respecting Rwanda’s traditions and which will also benefit the local community.

INZU Lodge team



INZU Lodge is located in Gisenyi (Rubavu), in front of Kivu lac, close to Bralirwa.

Location :
• From Gisenyi, take the road going to Bralirwa (5km),
• From Bralirwa take the road on your right,
• Drive for about two kilometers,
• Take the dirt road for 100 meters.


S 01°43’48.1 »
E 29°15’56.0 »

3 réflexions sur “About INZU Lodge

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  3. Bravo Marie Noëlle !
    J’ai apprécié d’en apprendre un peu plus sur tes études et expépériences professionnelles .
    Tu as fais vraiment un magnifique travail avec le temps à Inzu . J’ai beaucoup apprécié ton site pour les explications d’ordre écologique très bien ! Une superbe photo avec tes employés .
    Ton site est très explicatif et bien représenté. Le seul point négatif est qu’il n’est pas aussi en français . Je te souhaite vraiment bonne continuité , je te lève mon chapeau pour ta réussite , ta détermination à.toujours continuer et améliorer le Inzu Lodge ! Milles fois BRAVO!

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