Our participation in the ecotourism


‘Take only photographs, leave only footprints.’

Thirty years ago a movement started amongst wildlife tourism businesses to ensure that tourism and tourists weren’t destroying the wildlife that visitors came to see. Responsible Tourism is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Responsible Tourism requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable.

INZU Lodge mission is to provide ecological accommodations and a unique tourism experience while respecting Rwanda’s traditions and which will also benefit the local community. That is why INZU Lodge gets involved in numerous social projects and supports several organizations, associations or Rwandan cooperatives.

INZU turisme durable 2022


Our contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has affected several Rwandan families who live hand to mouth. This is why we have tried to help these families, in collaboration with the local authorities, by distributing food.

The first food distribution took place on April 29, 2020. We have helped approximately 57 families (+/- 200 people) in the village around Inzu Lodge, with 325 kilos of rice, 325 kilos of kawunga, 214 kilos of beans, 128 liters of oil and 13 boxes of soap !

The second food distribution, to people in need who live in the village close to Inzu Lodge, took place on May 14, 2020.  This time it is more than 55 families who received a little help in this difficult time.

In 2021, we also made two food distributions. The first distribution was on August 13, 2021 and the second September 16, 2021. The lockdowns were difficult for many people who work day to day. This is why we decided, this year also, to distribute food to help people who were struggling. 110 families, chosen by the local authorities, received the food.

Thanks to everyone who made these distributions possible. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed during these difficult times.


Dumbo Back to Sckool

Dumbo back to shcool INZU Avril 2023


INZU Lodge has initiated a small fund to help the children of the umudugudu (village) of Rurembo to pay for their school uniforms and supplies. Primary and secondary schools are free for these children, but their families still have to buy uniforms and notebooks. To participate in the Dumbo Back To School Fund, all you have to do is buy a “Dumbo” made in Rwanda for the sum of 4,000 RwF. This plush is 15 cm high and 15 cm wide. All proceeds will go to the children’s families in need.

INZU Lodge a initié un petit fonds pour aider les enfants du umudugudu (village) de Rurembo à payer leurs uniformes et fournitures scolaires. Les écoles primaire et secondaire sont gratuites pour ces enfants, mais leurs familles doivent quand même acheter les uniformes et les cahiers. Malheureusement, même si ces frais sont minimes pour la majorité d’entre nous (moins de 10 $ US) plusieurs familles du umudugudu ne peuvent trouver cet argent. Pour participer au fonds Dumbo Back To School, il vous suffit d’acheter un « Dumbo » made in Rwanda pour la somme de 4 000 Frw (ou 6 $ CAN/US). Cette peluche mesure 15 cm de haut et 15 cm de large. Tous les profits iront aux familles des enfants qui sont dans le besoin.

Contactez-nous par email pour nous donner vos commandes : info@inzulodge.com

P1100939« Dumbo » made in Rwanda pour la somme de 4 000 Frw (ou 6 $ CAN/US)

P1110670Janvier 2013 : 10 enfant ont bénéficié du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

P1120175Avril 2013 : 15 enfants ont bénéficié du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

P1120475Août 2013 : 11 enfants ont bénéficié du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

P1130597Janvier 2014 : 20 enfants ont bénéficié du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

P1140325Septembre 2015 : 12 enfants ont profité du Fonds Dumbo Back to School

20160130_173107Janvier 2016 : 12 enfants ont bénéficiés du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

Janvier 2019 : 36 enfants ont bénéficiés du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

Avril 2019 : 36 enfants ont bénéficiés du Fonds Dumbo Back To School

Dumbo back to School Sept 2022

Septembre 2022 : 12 enfants ont bénéficiés du Fonds Dumbo Back to School


Janvier 2023 : 10 enfants ont bénéficiés du Fonds Dumbo Back to School

Des propriétaires de Dumbo très heureux !


Diner dans une famille rwandaise

Nous offrons à nos clients la chance d’aller manger dans une famille rwandaise vivant dans le village près du INZU Lodge. Les invités préparent le repas avec la famille rwandaise en utilisant le four traditionnel (imbaboura). Ensuite, ils mangent tous ensemble et boivent la bière locale. Une belle rencontre qui permet de beaux échanges culturels.

Clients inzulodge_3

Clients inzulodge_2



Centre Marembo

centre marembo

We are a Kigali based Non-Governmental Organization working with young girls and teenagers, along with their children, who have been rescued from the streets or dysfunctional, violent homes. The girls have suffered from neglect, abuse, abandonment, and incest. Some are pregnant, others have disabilities or are contracted with various contagious diseases. By providing housing, food, education, social work services, healthcare, skill training and emotional support, we hope to transform their lives by giving them the means and opportunity to shape their own future.

Kigali –

07 88 50 53 55

07 22 50 53 53

Email : centremarembo@gmail.com

Website : www.centremarembo.org



Aspire Rwanda in Kigali provides urban women with the tools to earn a living and improve their quality of life. Every year a cohort of vulnerable women are selected for a one-year program that teaches skills training, literacy & numeracy, nutrition & health, family planning and women’s rights.

With new skills, knowledge and confidence, these women are improving their families’ standard of living and contributing to the creation of sustainable and peaceful communities

When Rwanda emerged from genocide, its people were impoverished and communities were fractured. Aspire founder, Peace Ruzage, identified this within her neighbourhood of Gisozi and viewed it as an opportunity to provide a fresh start.

Widows and single mothers lacked skills and education to provide for themselves and their families. Peace offered them her verandah to congragate on, and before long 300 women were socialising there, offering friendship, support and resources. In 2009, Aspire was officially registered as a local Rwandan NGO.

Kigali – Gisozi

Phone: +250 (0)788 859 264

Email: aspirerwanda@gmail.com

Web Site : www.aspirerwanda.org/


Ubumwe Community Center

Ubumwe Community CenterIn part owing to the 1994 genocide, Rwanda has a disproportionate number of physically and mentally disabled people. Most have no option but to live as street beggars. The Ubumwe Center is a place where adults with disabilities and their children are given an alternative; where they can be educated, learn skills, work and ultimately take control of their own lives. As of January 2013, the Ubumwe Preschool is now open and serving more than 100 children aged 3-6 years of age. The funds were raised with the help of Congregation B’nai B’rith and other partners in the greater Santa Barbara, California community and beyond . The Ubumwe preschool is attached to the existing Ubumwe Community Center building.

Contacts : Dusingizimana Zacharie

Tel. : 07 88 65 22 94

Email : dzacharyus@yahoo.com

Ndabaramiye Frederick

Tel. : 07 88 65 23 20

Web site : www.ubumwecenter.org


Un don généreux provenant des étudiants du Collège Charlemagne

En février 2016, des étudiants de niveau secondaire, du Collège Charlemagne, à Pierrefonds au Canada, ont décidé de faire une journée sans-uniforme afin d’amasser des fonds pour les familles syriennes, qui arrivent à Montréal, et pour aider à payer les frais de scolarité d’enfants rwandais vivant près du INZU Lodge.


IMG_6948_1Les étudiants du Collège Charlemagne

C’est donc la somme de 560 000 Frw (plus de 1 000$ canadiens) qui ont été remis à 6 enfants rwandais, de niveau secondaire, vivant dans le village Rurembo, près du INZU Lodge. L’argent servira à payer les frais de scolarité pour une année, ainsi que toutes les fournitures scolaires qu’ils ont besoin. Au nom de ces enfants et de leurs familles, INZU Lodge aimerait remercier tous ceux qui ont participé à ce projet.

IMG-20160330-WA0000Les 6 étudiants rwandais qui ont bénéficié du généreux don.

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