What to do in the area

Local Excursions



The trail begins on the showers of Lake Kivu along the western edge of Rwanda across from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and extends south for 227 kms from Rubavu to Rusizi via the Karongi and Nyamasheke Districts. Along the way, the Congo Nile Trail includes eight base camps, two main paths and four secondary trails. The trail also offers stunning scenery; Coffee and tea experiences, and visits to towns and villages along the lake. It is a 10 day hiking experience; can be completed by bicycle in 5 days and by 4×4 car in 3 days.
For more information you can contact :
Rwandan Adventures : www.rwandan-adventures.com/
Green Hills Eco-Tours : www.greenhillsecotours.com/


Go on a short excursion a day trip or overnight journey kayaking on
Lake Kivu.  Paddling along the lush northern coastline between Gisenyi and Kibuye, we dip into inlets and cross bays to soak up the spectacular scenery, peace and tranquillity. Classic Lake Kivu fishing boats ply the waters at sunset, their crews singing rhythmically as a traditional way of life flourishes along the verdant shore. Numerous birds dart in and out of bushes and the active Nyiragongo Volcano can be seen rising above the surrounding hills. Near to Gisenyi, we visit coffee islands where you can watch (and experience) the entire coffee making process – from bush to cup. And in Lake Kivu Bay of Islands, near to Kibuye, we explore many uninhabited
islands and watch roosting bats, vervet monkeys and keep a look out for Congo clawless otters.
+250 (0) 783811918 www.kingfisherjourneys.com/


Come with your children, come with your family, come with your friends!
Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) are an easy, fun, a gentle exercise and offer just a
little adventure that everyone can enjoy on the water at Gisenyi.
*** Children welcome. Minimum age is 4 years! ***
+250 (0) 783811918 www.kingfisherjourneys.com/

BOAT TRIP ON KIVU LAKE (Pirogue: Boat without engine)

You can rent a boat without engine for one hour, with or without captain. You can be one to three people in the boat. You can paddle or the captain will paddle for you. (Includes life jackets) For more information and booking ask INZU Lodge reception

BOAT TRIP ON KIVU LAKE (Boat with engine)

You can rent a boat with engine for one hour. You can be one to twelve people in the boat. The captain will bring you to see the Nyamyumba hot springs. (Includes life jackets) For more information and booking ask INZU Lodge reception.


Nyammyumba hot springs are located 9 km from Rubavu town, on the road to Kigufi Hotel. Nyamyumba hot springs is a natural attraction with water that are widely known in the region for its multiple medicinal virtues. These hot springs are hot enough to cook eggs on. Visitors can swim in the heated water of the adjacent lake Kivu or get a massage. Entrace fee : 1 000 Rwf, Massage : between 3 000 Rwf and 6 000 Rwf




You can go up the mount Rubona and have a magnificent view on the cities of Gisenyi and Goma. Also, if the weather report allows it you can see the Nyiragongo volcano. For more information and booking ask INZU Lodge reception



Preparation of the food with the family. Tasting of the meal with the Rwandan family. Includes local beer. For more information and booking ask INZU Lodge reception

VISIT OF THE Bralirwa Brewery

You can contact the brewery to have more information : www.bralirwa.com


Coltan, short for Columbite-tantalite is a metallic ore comprising Niobium and Tantalum, found mainly in the eastern regions of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. When refined, coltan becomes a heat resistant powder, metallic tantalum which has unique properties for storing electrical charge. You can call Celestin +250 783 395 000


P1110944IMBABAZI Orphanage

Come to Imbabazi to learn about the life of Rosamond (Roz) Halsey Carr in Rwanda. Stroll through her beautiful gardens with flowers and trees from Africa and beyond, and visit her historic plantation house, all set against the backdrop of the Karisimbi, Mikeno and Nyiragongo volcanoes. Contact : +250 784 327 058, imbabazi@imbabazi.org or visit www.imbabazi.org



This cave is situated close to IMBABAZI orphanage, 200 meters from Mudende sector office. Contact : +250 784 327 058, imbabazi@imbabazi.org or visit www.imbabazi.org



COOPAC was founded in April 2001 with 110 coffee farmers. Currently they work with over 8,000 coffee producers with a current annual export capacity of over 150 containers.
Washing Station entrance : $20/person
Coopac Headquater (drymill and laboratory) : $40/Person
The whole tour (Washing Station,Drymill and laboratory) : $60/person
Guide: $20 (1-8 person)
Guide for more than 8 person : $40
+250 788 322 223
Clarisse Nzungize Ilibagiza
+250 (0)78 880 60 96



Rubavu public beach is one of the largest beaches in the area. It is easily accessible on the road to Grande Barrière (RDC border). The site is attractive for a day-trip. (Entrance is free) You can walk on the beach or swim in the lake, but we ask you to pay attention because the bilharziasis (bilharzia) is present.